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Customer Testimonials

"Debtor411 is completely user friendly. I really like the extensive credit information it provides, and I appreciate the fact that credit reports are updated every week, which is a big advantage over using other credit services that don't update their information so often. This is such an important tool, especially during these tough times in the industry. The detailed graphs help you easily identify payment trends and credit limits extended to debtors. I believe that even people who do not have much experience in credit research will find Debtor411 is a powerful site for them as well."

Sheila Ousley, Account Executive Manager
Transfac Capital

"We are extremely happy to be using Debtor411, and there is no other credit service out there that provides data updates as quickly. The weekly updates allow us to constantly monitor our portfolio and quickly adjust credit limits on debtors when necessary. Debtor411 is easy to use and understand, and I strongly recommend it to any factoring company."

Josh Goode, Director
TransAm Financial Services

"Debtor411 is an excellent source of credit information for factoring companies, especially those with a high concentration of freight brokers as debtors. The detailed reports and bar charts are easy to understand and help us make credit decisions with greater confidence. Knowing that credit information is provided only by transportation factoring companies, and that information is updated every week, really makes Debtor411 stand apart from other credit report services we have used. I highly recommend Debtor411 to any factoring company that needs a reliable and cost effective source for accurate, up-to-date credit reports."

Jeanie Yu, President

"Debtor411 is an important credit resource and should be required for all factoring company credit departments. It allows you to navigate easily and research debtor credit information. The output of reports is very user friendly and lends itself to quick decision making. It's the quality and source of the data, however, that makes Debtor411 so unique. By providing you with actual debtor credit experiences direct from other transportation factoring companies, Debtor411 gives you the information you most covet and expect. Combine this with their simple price structure, and you can easily see why Debtor411 is a must-have credit tool."

Eric Belk, Vice President
Match Factors

"Debtor411 provides a unique and innovative solution to the factoring industry. Not only is the credit information in absolute real time, but it's totally reflective of payment patterns and issues to factored invoices. The capability to monitor and analyze portfolios based on debtor quality ratings is a timely and significant breakthrough."

Steven Hausman, President
Advance Business Capital


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