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Easy 123 Pricing

Transportation Credit Reports from $1.00 Each

Debtor411 focuses exclusively on providing online credit reports to transportation factoring companies of all sizes. Perhaps the most distinguishing aspect of our credit reporting service is the fact that we only collect credit data about transportation brokers and shippers directly from factoring companies. In doing so, we deliver the most applicable industry data that is not diluted or contaminated by reporting sources outside the transportation factoring community.

Contributing your accounts receivable data is NOT REQUIRED to use Debtor411. You can order Debtor411 credit reports even if you do not participate in our Trade Data Exchange Program. And you can use Debtor411 regardless of whether you use Factorsoft/Cadence or any other factoring software.

Our best pricing is reserved for factoring companies that contribute credit data and belong to the International Factoring Association. Regardless of the price point, you will receive the same Debtor411 credit reports with critical details from every factoring company that provides data.

Your cost is only $1.00 per credit report if your company is an IFA member and you have our Factor411 SuperServer, which enables you to participate in our Trade Data Exchange Program.

As a point of interest, Factor411 is a complete web-based customer relationship management system that will help your factoring company manage its relationships with potential clients, existing clients and account debtors more efficiently and effectively. We provide everything you need, and it is free to qualified factoring companies that use FactorSoft/Cadence factoring software. Now back to the Easy 123 Pricing for transportation credit reports.

Your cost per credit report is only $2.00 if your company is an IFA member but does not have our Factor411 SuperServer. Your cost is also $2.00 per report if you're not an IFA member but you have our Factor411 SuperServer.

Alternatively, if your factoring company has not joined the International Factoring Association and does not have our Factor411 SuperServer, the cost is $3.00 per credit report.

In addition to our great pricing, you only pay for what you use! There are no term contracts. No monthly service fees. No minimum number of reports required. You do not have to pre-pay for credit reports. Plus our entire credit database is UPDATED EVERY SATURDAY with only the freshest credit information. We guarantee you'll be able to make better credit decisions.

Debtor411 customers also love that we provide FREE REPORT UPDATES FOR 3 MONTHS. We do this to help save you money, so you can easily re-check the credit status of debtors without having to pay again for a new credit report. Our system automatically checks orders within 90 days and alerts you about the free update, preventing duplicate orders.


Try Debtor411 for FREE!

Apart from the fact that we only collect accounts receivable and credit data from factoring companies, one of the greatest advantages to using Debtor411 is your ability to run FREE LIVE CREDIT UPDATES for 3 MONTHS. Think about it.

When you order a credit report, you can get a new live credit report with updated information as often as you like during the following 90 DAYS AT NO CHARGE!

  • Freshest Credit Data Available
  • Entire Database Updated Weekly
  • More Than 80,000 Debtor Records
  • Billions of Dollars in Debtor Payments
  • Quick to Use & Easy to Understand
  • Credit Reports from $1.00 Each
  • No Term Contracts
  • No Monthly Service Fees
  • No Minimum Reports Required
  • No Pre-Payment Required
  • IFA Member Discounts
  • Portfolio Monitoring - COMING SOON!
  • Google Street View Debtor Mapping
  • FREE Integrated Fraud Protection
  • FREE Report Updates for 3 Months
  • FREE 7 Day Trial Account

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