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About Debtor411

Transportation Credit Reported by Factoring Companies

Because we only collect data from factoring companies, you know without a doubt that what you're getting is the most convincing and reliable "insider" information.

Contributing your accounts receivable data is NOT REQUIRED to use Debtor411. You can order Debtor411 credit reports even if you do not participate in our Trade Data Exchange Program. And you can use Debtor411 regardless of whether you use Factorsoft/Cadence or any other factoring software.

Once you start using Debtor411, you will realize it will be the first service you want to use and trust for transportation credit reports. And for as little as $1.00 per credit report, you will be amazed at how Debtor411 makes it effortless to understand the important information you need to know about how brokers and shippers pay other factoring companies.

You get powerful, exlusive features not available from other services, like our fraud protection information that is included with every credit report. It helps you better understand debtors by digging deep into questionable corporate structures and potential business relationships.

Google Street View and Google Maps are automatically integrated in credit
reports to supplement debtor fraud protection information.

Fraud Protection information is designed to lessen your vulnerability by closely examining and identifying suspect conditions that may exist for any company:

• Similar Company Names   • Coinciding Telephone Numbers
• Neighboring Offices   • Multiple Business Registrations
• Coexisting Businesses   • New Businesses Formed
• Related Business Entities   • Alternate Business Addresses
• Complementary Mailing Addresses   • Multiple Operating Authorities

No matter how cunning people might be, deceitful or fraudulent business practices frequently can be detected when you look for suggestive signs and distinguishing patterns. Included as part of our service at no additional charge, our fraud protection feature remains unequalled in the transportation industry.

Using the most comprehensive and up-to-date credit information available, our breakthrough Debtor411 credit reports will improve the way you identify potential risk exposure and maximize credit research for much less than you're already spending with other transportation credit service providers like Ansonia Credit Data, RTS Credit, TransCredit, First Advantage (CompuNet), Cortera (eCredit), Dun & Bradstreet and Experian. See our Easy 123 Pricing.

The problem with other credit services is that they regurgitate the same old basic information (using a standard Experian data extract formula), and they only update credit information about once a month. Because you deserve better, Debtor411 updates all credit information once a week for every broker and shipper in our massive credit database!

With our detailed analytics and powerful charting system, now you will be able to identify historical trends vividly, with remarkable ease and clarity. Plus our proprietary match-control technology is unlike anything you have ever seen. It enables you to isolate the most recent credit experiences and guides you in building custom reports that hone in on exactly the information you desire. It even automatically identifies multiple office locations for the same debtor, and debtors that are associated. See our sample Transportation Credit Report.

Because our entire credit database is purged and rebuilt from the ground up every single weekend - using the freshest data collected automatically from our growing network of transportation factoring companies - we guarantee you will be able to make better, more informed credit decisions. And you will be able to establish appropriate debtor credit limits with an increased sense of confidence! See our Customer Testimonials.


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Apart from the fact that we only collect accounts receivable and credit data from factoring companies, one of the greatest advantages to using Debtor411 is your ability to run FREE LIVE CREDIT UPDATES for 3 MONTHS. Think about it.

When you order a credit report, you can get a new live credit report with updated information as often as you like during the following 90 DAYS AT NO CHARGE!

  • Freshest Credit Data Available
  • Entire Database Updated Weekly
  • More Than 80,000 Debtor Records
  • Billions of Dollars in Debtor Payments
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  • FREE Integrated Fraud Protection
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